New to tennis? Struggling to understand the tennis lingo?

Check out our tennis glossary to help you choose the best free tennis event for you!

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots: is tennis for kids! It’s a program designed to help every child, no matter their age or ability, jump in and start playing tennis. ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is played on smaller courts with modified equipment, including lighter racquets, lower nets and low compression balls that don’t bounce too high.

There are 4 fun stages of ANZ Tennis Hot Shots:

Blue Ball (ages 3 – 5)
Red Ball (ages 5 – 8)
Orange Ball (ages 8 – 10)
Green Ball (ages 9 -12)

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Match Play:
a fun and social way for kids to get into team tennis and is played at Red Ball, Orange Ball and Green Ball level. Kids who become involved in Match Play will learn the basics of game play, as well as scoring.

Book a Court: an online court booking and payment platform that connects with pin pad technology on a club’s gate. All players need to do is find a Book a Court venue, book a court online and then they are sent a PIN for direct access to their booked court. To book a court in Victoria, please visit:

FAST4 Tennis: is a fast way to play tennis. FAST4 keeps the fundamental aspects of the sport the same, however it includes innovative rules to ensure matches are competitive, exciting and played in a short period of time. For more information, please visit:

Fitbit Cardio Tennis: tennis mixed with fitness! Fitbit Cardio Tennis is a workout program that brings together a variety of cardio workouts, a range of fun tennis drills, all to a high-energy soundtrack. For more information about Fitbit Cardio tennis, please visit:

Free Tennis Day/Open Day: used interchangeably, these terms refer to when a tennis club opens up their club to the local community and encourages members and non-members of all ages and tennis abilities to pick up a racquet and have a hit.

Social Tennis: term used for non-competitive tennis, whether it is hitting with friends or organised social hitting at a club with scoring but no scores are recorded. Social tennis is about having fun, staying fit and enjoying time with friends and family. For more information about social tennis, please visit: